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Candles & Scents

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Candles & Scents

Light up your living room with flameless candles that create a lovely ambiance without actually sparking up a flame. A flameless candle is great when you have little ones running around, or pets that can easily knock something over. They provide an element of safety while still providing a beautiful glow. Bring the outdoor aromas inside with candles in sweet, floral and fresh scents. Our candles come in 3-wicks, jars, and even wax cubes perfect for a wax warmer. If you don’t have a wax warmer, you definitely need one of these as part of your candle collection. All you have to do is buy the wax cubes and they instantly heat up to disperse a lovely aroma throughout your home. 

With candles in a variety of scents and flameless candles in different colors and sizes, we are certain you will find the candles you love that will fit within your budget.